Administration Department

Main objectives of the Department:

  • Responsible for rendering administrative and secretarial services to the Board, management and their respective statutory and other committees.
  • Effective acquisition, utilization and maintenance of the Institute’s human and material resources.
  • Coordinating welfare activities in the Institute. Welfare in this context means any self-help or intervention effort (on the part of the Institute) that enhances the well-being of the work force to positively impact on their productivity in the organization.
  • The Department ensures regular training and re-training of staff to keep them abreast with the demands of their work.
  • It is also responsible for the maintenance of office facilities, staff quarters, vehicles and other infrastructure for effective performance.
  • It is the custodian of the statutes and rules and regulations governing the conduct of the Institute towards service delivery.

Head of Department

Hajiya Falmata Mustapha

Director, Administration
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