Agricultural Economics and Extension Research

Main objectives of the Department:

  • Understanding the farmer, his socio-economic background and environment affecting his production.
  • Training of extension staff of the Agricultural Development Programmes (ADPs) on the knowledge and skills of various technologies emanating from the National Agricultural Research System (NARS).
  • Dissemination of agricultural technologies through workshops, seminars, publications, Farm Broadcast, fair and exhibitions.
  • Collaborating with NAERLS and other Research Institutes and Organizations on extension activities.


  1. Agricultural Economics and Extension Programme
  2. Farm Broadcast/Media Programme
  3. Product Development Programme


Some major Achievements Recoded by the Institute

Agricultural Economics and Extension Research Department

The Institute under Agricultural Economics and Extension Department:

1. Maintained conduct of the annual LCRI In-House Review Meeting and North- East Zone Research-Extension-Farmer-Input-Linkage-System (REFILS) Workshop.

2. Sustained conduct of the annual pre-season training for farmers, youth and women on wheat, millet and other popular crops in NE, NC and NW states.

Pre-season training workshops

3. Conducts regular gender based training for rural women on value addition.

Value addition trainings for rural women

4. Maintained both Radio and Television programmes, ‘Fillin Manoma’ in Hausa and ‘Faraskiram Barewuye’ in Kanuri (programme for the farmers) aired live on FRCN (Peace FM) Maiduguri every Saturday by 11:00am, and NTA, Maiduguri, every Saturday 7:30 – 8:00 pm

Radio and Television programme outings

5. Represents the Institute at the annual National Agricultural Show and World Food Day celebrations in Abuja.

Institute's Exhibition at National Agricultural Show & World Food Day

6. Represents the Institute in Trade fairs, Shows and Exhibition by showcasing the proven technologies generated.

7. It regularly conducts socio-economic surveys to get abreast with the dynamics of the farming systems

8. Maintains both wet and dry season field Days for farmers

Dry and wet season's field days

9. Train youth for entrepreneurship development.

10. The products development unit of the Department has developed various food recipes from the Institute’s mandate crops and other popular crops in the North- East such as whole meal, bread, biscuits, cakes, spaghetti; local dishes like Alkak Dubula, Burabusko, Ndal eyi, Chir and Fura.

Some value added food recipes developed by the Products Development Unit


  • The establishment of the Institute’s screens House to enhance research on its mandate crops.
  • The activation and upgrading of the Institute’s web page to disseminate proven technologies emanating from the Institute, feedback and enhance both local and International collaborations.
  • The establishment of the North East Zonal Farmers Helpline Center as provided by the Federal Ministry of Agriculture & Rural Development for effective and efficient dissemination of agricultural information to the clientele
  • The establishment of Agricultural Information & Communication Center through the support of Nigeria Communication Commission (NCC) to provide real-time audio-visual communication with farmers

The NE Farmers Helpline Center

  • Upgrading of the Institute Agro-forestry nursery stocked with improved economic and ornamental seedlings
  • Upgrading of the Institute Livestock farm and procurement of some livestock breeds for experiments and revenue generation
  • Procurement of a Combine harvester

Agric Information & Communication Center

Demonstration of the center with farmers

Head of Department

Dr. Bashir Alhaji Baba

HOD, Agricultural Economics & Extension
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