Cereals Research Department

Main Objectives of the Department

  1. To develop high yielding, early maturing, pest and disease resistant Barley, Millet and Wheat varieties with specific adaptation to different ecological zones of Nigeria.
  • To evolve improved cultural management and crop production practices (IPM) for optimal and stable yield.
  • To enhance the socio-economic status of farmers in the arid and semi-arid areas Nigeria through the development of appropriate and adoptable technologies.


  1. Wheat and Barley Research Programme
  2. Millet Research Programme


  1. Breeding Unit
  2. Seed Production Unit
  3. Laboratory Unit Cereals
  4. Farm Management and Agric. Mechanization Unit

Some major Achievements Recoded by the Institute

The Institute has over the years developed and released several varieties of Millet and Wheat to farmers.


The Institute has improved the yield of millet varieties cultivated by farmers from 1.0t/ha to 4.5t/ha. Efforts of the Institute culminated in the release and popularization of the so far highest-yielding millet variety LCIC-MV3 (SUPER SOSAT) in Nigeria, which is higher in yield than most popularly grown earlier released variety (SOSAT- C88), and an extra-early maturing LCIC MV2 (LCIC 9702) – an improved version of GB 8735. These three millet varieties are also on high demand by the famers, namely LCIC MV-1 (SOSAT-C88, LCIC-MV-3 (Super SOSAT) and LCIC-MV-4 (PEO 5984 Jirani).


  • 1
  • 2
  • 3


Research efforts of the Institute has also increased the yield of locally grown wheat from less than 1t/ha to 7.5 t/ha. The institute has so far released Nine (9) bread wheat, Tow (2) Durum and Two Rainfed wheat varieties.

The varieties released have so far impacted positively on the seed systems by opening the much-needed access to quality seed by farmers.

The Institute also engages in direct production of breeder seed to ensure supply of quality seeds of released varieties to seed companies. Currently, the Institute is promoting Thirteen (13) varieties of wheat, namely, LACRIWHIT-4 (ATILA GAN ATILA), LACRIWHIT-5 (NORMAN), LACRIWHIT-6 (REYNA 28), LACRIWHIT-9 (Kauz) and LACRIWHIT-10 (Pastor), LACRIWHIT-11 (Imam), LACRIWHIT- 12D (MBA-MAJA) Gerardo, LACRIWHIT – 13D (ALTAR-84) under irrigated condition; as well as LACRIWHIT-7 (REYNA 15) and LACRIWHIT- 8 (CROW ‘S’) under rain-fed condition.



Irrigated wheat varieties

  • 1
  • 2
  • 3

Rainfed Wheat Varieties

  • 1
  • 2
  • 3

Head of Department

Dr. Zakari Goji Silas Turaki

Director Research/HOD Cereals
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