Farming Systems Research Department

Main objectives of the Department:

  • Investigation of the problems of production of all agricultural food crops grown in the broad ecological zone covered by Adamawa, Bauchi, Borno, Gombe, and Yobe States.
  • Integration of livestock, tree crops and agro-forestry in to production systems.
  • Provide laboratory and other technical services to farmers, agro-based industries and others needing these services.


  1. Farming Systems Research Programme
  2. Agro-forestry Research Programme


  1. Livestock unit

Some major Achievements Recoded by the Institute

Farming Systems Research

Farming Systems Research of the Institute has also achieved the following:

1. Developed technologies on value addition to mandate crops residue for utilization as livestock feed (millet- and wheat-based rations).

Formulated livestock feeds

Ram fed with millet crop residue

2. The promotion of Agro-forestry development in the Institute has led to the establishment of Orchard and Tree crops Seedling Nursery in Maiduguri, stocked with improved guava, mango, date and other exotic fruits.

Improved Guava being promoted by the Institute

3. Popularizing Aqua-culture through the establishment of Fish pond stocked with Clarias species, established at LCRI headquarters, Maiduguri.

Clarias fish from the Institute's pond

Head of Department

Dr. Sheriff Alhaji Wali

HOD, Farming Systems Research
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